Where to purchase a Coffee Hive Card?
You can purchase Coffee Hive Card at $2 at selected participating Coffee Hive outlets*.

How to top up my Coffee Hive Card?
Top up can be done at any participating Coffee Hive outlets. The minimum top up is S$10 and maximum is S$300. You can choose to top up S$10, S$20 or S$50, cash only.

Can I purchase a zero value Coffee Hive Card for collection purpose?
Yes, you can purchase a zero value Coffee Hive Card at S$2 at all participating outlets*. Please do online registration to enjoy member rewards and promotion. You may either top-up the zero value Coffee Hive Card or transfer the value from other Coffee Hive Card to enjoy the card rewards. Please be reminded, each member can only register one card.

How to use my Coffee Hive Card?
You can purchase any item by using your Coffee Hive Card at all participating Coffee Hive outlets*.The value in the card cannot be exchanged for cash. You cannot split the payment in multiple ways (partially by cash, partially by Coffee Hive Card) or in multiple Coffee Hive Cards.

How to register my Coffee Hive Card?
Just visit www.thecoffeehive.com and click "Coffee Hive Card" tab in the tool bar above to get to our Coffee Hive Card webpage. Please have your Coffee Hive Card with you and follow the steps to get your card registered.

Why should I register my Coffee Hive Card?
You can enjoy more exclusive rewards upon registration. If your card is lost or damaged, please visit our website to deactivate the card in order to protect the card balance, or to transfer the balance to your new Coffee Hive Card.

How to update my personal information on my Coffee Hive Card?
You can review and change your personal information at www.thecoffeehive.com and click "Coffee Hive Card", sign-in to update.

How to check the balance of my Coffee Hive Card?
You can check your Coffee Hive Card balance at all participating Coffee Hive outlets*; or on your post-purchase receipts; or sign in to your member account at www.thecoffeehive.com to view the last 20 transaction records.

What should I do if I lost my Coffee Hive Card?
If you are a registered card member, you can block the lost card immediately in your member's page at www.thecoffeehive.com. In the event that your card is found, please inform us via e-mail within 3 months from the blocked date to reactivate the card. Alternatively, you may transfer your lost card balance to your new Coffee Hive Card within three months from the blocked date. Your balance will be forfeited if no further action is taken from you once you have blocked the card.

Will my Coffee Hive Card expire?
Your Coffee Hive Card will expire 2 years from your last transaction. If you keep using the Coffee Hive Card, the expiry date will auto refresh. Once the card is blocked, you have to replace with a new Coffee Hive Card within three months, or the card and value will both expire.

Can I transfer my Coffee Hive Card balance to my family or friends?
Your card balance can only be transferred to another Coffee Hive Card which is not registered. You must block your old card before you can transfer your credit.

Can I refund the value in Coffee Hive Card?
Refund is not allowed. All value in the Coffee Hive Card is to be expended.

What if I have other queries?
You can contact us by e-mail at feedback@thecoffeehive.com.


(*) Refers to participating outlets: Cecil Court Outlet, Afro Asia Building Outlet, Central Square Village Residences Outlet and Novena Square 2 Outlet Only.